We are dedicated to provide our clients with the latest in financial trading tools available and adapt ourselves and offer new trading strategies and opportunities enabling to be successful investors and traders. We are dedicated to work with you in bull and bear markets, market ups and downs.

Flourish Fincap Private Limited offers online equity trading facilities for investors who are looking for the ease and convenience and hassle free trading experience. Our clients have access to a multitude of resources like live quotes, charts, research, advice; and online assistance, which help you to take informed decisions. You can also trade through our branch network on phone by calling our designated representatives in the branches where you are registered as a client.

Throughout the world, vibrant and developed Capital Market is an important tool for the economic development of the country. It is the channel through which various resources of the country are channelized for proper and balanced sectoral growth of the economy, our focus is towards increasing our role in the economic development of the country and to protect the interest of the investors and provide them efficient services at a reasonable cost.

In partnership with Financial Technologies and others, Flourish Fincap Private Limited provides one of the most reliable, fast and dependable networking facility for trading in securities. Our backbone is based on VSAT technology, Leased Line as well as broadband Internet which gives a client maximum benefit for trading and watching their online positions. Our groups of professionals ensure to provide the best available services for Trading, Depository and Commodity Exchange.

With the advent of new advancements, country has seen lot of technological developments but unless technology reaches to the masses its true benefit cannot be disseminated. Our mission is that our services should have highest technology along with human touch, but in the process its cost should not become prohibitive. We realize that in today's competitive environment, only the efficient will survive. There has to be value addition to all the services at every level.

Flourish Fincap Private Limited is well equipped with latest in terms of information technology and all the branches are inter-connected with state of the art networking technology. Internet based client-trading services in Equities and Derivatives Segment are also available. Other infrastructure includes a large network of trading terminals connected by VSATs all across the country.

To provide robust back office support backed by excellent accounting standards and ensuring easy accessibility to back office accounting reports, to our clients, we have offered facilities to view various user friendly, easily comprehendible back office reports using the link. You can view reports and get them in print as well as digital contract notes. The reports include the Order and Trade information, final positions of clients and many more.

Flourish Fincap Private Limited provides a whole range of products and services to fulfill the needs and requirements of a diverse client portfolio.

The main objectives of the company include;

  • Providing efficient Stock Broking services
  • Providing stock market related consultancy
  • Public IPO issues, bonds, mutual funds etc.

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